Should my toddler play with the phone?

From time to time we hear an outrage from conservative parents that it’s dangerous for toddlers and kids to play with the phone at an early age.

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile even before I got kids myself. First and foremost we must regard what potential risk that could be involved.

The first one that comes to mind is that of ADHD and problems with concentrating on other tasks.

Recent studies show that kids and toddlers when using or playing with a phone in moderate terms actually are increasing their ability to concentrate.

One other risk that comes to mind is that of “How good is videogames for my kids eyes?”.

Well what I try to do is controlling the brightness of the screen to fit the surroindings so that the toddler doesn’t have to squint or have their eyes work really hard. And of course the main thing to have in mind is that you controll the amount of time the toddler is playing. More on that later.

The thing that most parents is worried about is the kids ability to be creative is getting lost when the child only has to watch or be passive.

My own studies in this is that at least my son gets more creative because of what he sees on YouTube or get inspired for plays from the games he plays.

I think that the main takeway in all this and all parenting in general is that moderate playing is fine but if your child is fiddling with the phone the majority of the day it could fast get really bad.

Me and my spouse try to limit the phone time to max 1.5 hours per day. And he seems to be fine with it. Control your boundaries and enforce them and it shouldn’t be a problem.

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