How to remove ads from My Talking Tom 2

My sons favourite game is the vastly popular My Talking Tom 2. He loves to take care of the cute little cat, feed him and play with him. In this article I will talk about teaching your kids patience and how to remove ads from My Talking Tom 2.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the gaming industry move to a more pay to play driven strategy. Before, you paid once and got to play the game forever nowadays the games are stuffed with in-app purchases and in-app coins used to buy stuff or additional gameplay in the games.

This has of course created a lot of problems for us as parents, since our kids just want to play and having a hard time understanding the monetary value of the in-app coins.

Oppurtunity to learn

I and my wife have taken this as a great learning experience for our kids.
Usually, the way to get coins in a game these days are either by 1) Watching an ad that could be as long as 1-2 minute or 2) Buying coins with actual money.

At first my kids where upset when the ads come up either by them pressing a button or just ads popping up randomly. They get really frustrated.

But we took the excellent opportunity to learn them patience. All we did were to say that “if you get upset when the ads come up we can’t play My talking Tom 2 anymore” so our three years old had to quickly and the hard way learn to calm down and be patience. Which actually worked like charm.

In-App Money

The other problem was the in-app system of coins. When our son really would like to buy something in the game and doesn’t have enough coins we strike him a deal. If he does some kind of work at home we trade it for buying something in the game. The work he does cannot be something that’s expected of him – for example cleaning his room or toys. This is not something you get paid to do, this is something thats excepted in our household.

So this is how we traded the frustrations of playing My Talking Tom 2 to a great learning experience. Which is something I talk about in the category parenting here on the blog.

Remove ads from My Talking Tom 2

But you probably came here to learn how to turn off the ads. Boy, I have some bad news for you. You can’t turn off the ads. But you can vastly reduce the number of times they pop up. I did this by turning of Interest-Based Ads, which in short is a privacy-intrusive way to showing relevant ads for you. Have a look at the guide down below.

Step 1 – Press the menu button
Step 2 – Press settings button

Step 3 – Press interest-based ads
Step 3 – Press deselect all to remove all checkmarks and then submit

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