March 2019


How to remove ads from My Talking Tom 2

My sons favourite game is the vastly popular My Talking Tom 2. He loves to take care of the cute little cat, feed him and play with him. In this article I will talk about teaching your kids patience and how to remove ads from My Talking Tom 2. Over the past few years, we’ve […]

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Should my toddler play with the phone?

From time to time we hear an outrage from conservative parents that it’s dangerous for toddlers and kids to play with the phone at an early age. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile even before I got kids myself. First and foremost we must regard what potential risk that could be involved. The first […]

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5 best games for toddlers that are safe to play 2019

Ever since my toddler got big enough to use the iPad or iPhone he loves to play games. At first it was easy games that were quite harmful. But as he got more and more used to handling the phone, the games also got quite advanced and hard for a parent to keep my eyes […]

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